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Ruby Princess Lovely Hearts Recycled Cupcake Petticoat

Ruby Princess Lovely Hearts Recycled Cupcake Petticoat

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  • 100% recycled polyester fill
  • 100% Bamboo Tencel lining
  • Nylon blend outer 


Size 1
Size 2
60~100 cm 90~130 cm


    This Petticoat from Ruby Princess has over 30 feet of recycled plastic in it! The fill material is a Global Recycled Standard certified polyester organdy and the lining is a Bamboo Tencel, which is naturally bacteria resistant, breathable, and cool to the touch. The pre-order will run until Friday the 18th, or until all slots are taken. They are estimated to ship out in early March.

    It is a true cupcake petticoat with substantial poof, and a breathable bamboo lining. We have photographed it on one of our own polyester releases, and a heavier cotton release from Metamorphose to show the size. It is also the standard petticoat we use to model any new merchandise, and it is the petticoat of choice in our employees' wardrobes too.

   Ruby Princess is an American J-fashion brand that specializes in eco-friendly fashion made in a sustainable small-scale atelier. We carry many of their other products as well! 


  • petticoat
  • US shipping with tracking and insurance


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